In the market for polymeric aromatic diamine curatives?

We supply the following grades of polymeric aromatic diamine curatives based on the core PTMEG structure:

  • XYLink 740M
  • XYLink P-650
  • XYLink P-1000
  • GCLink P-2000

We ship our PTMEG-based diamines in the following container sizes:

  • Factory Sealed Drums, 200 Kg
  • 20 Kg or 50 Kg net weight plastic drums

We inventory the above products and ship to the following markets:

  • North America

Discover Gantrade’s full line of low reactivity aromatic diamine curatives based on the core PTMEG backbone structure and an FDA compliant aromatic diamine curative.

Gantrade’s line of p-aminobenzoate curatives joins the Gantrade family of curatives which includes MOCA, MCDEA, DETDA, MBOEA and custom formulated curatives.

XYLink 740M: 1,3-Propanediol-di-p-aminobenzoate. Listed in 21CFR177.1680.

XYLink P-650: PTMEG 650 di-p-aminobenzoate.  Liquid curative

XYLink P-1000: PTMEG 1000 di-p-aminobenzoate.  Liquid curative

GCLink P-2000: PTMEG 2000 di-p-aminobenzoate.  Solid, flexibilizing curative.


Attributes of the p-aminobenzoate family of PTMEG based curatives include:

  • Non-hazardous EH&S characteristics. 
  • Aromatic diamines with a low order of reactivity
    • Wide processing latitude with both TDI and MDI isocyanate systems
    • Low shrinkage factors when processed at ambient temperatures
    • Can be field applied
  • Exhibits the benefits of PTMEG polyether soft-segments
    • Excellent resiliency/rebound properties
    • Toughness and abrasion resistance
    • Good tensile and tear strengths 
    • Hydrolytic stability
    • Energy absorption and low temperature impact characteristics
  • A built-in flexibilizer/curative for epoxy resins
  • Applicable to casting, coating, adhesive, sealant and spray processing

Gantrade provides the following information:

  • Applications information
  • TDS
  • COA
  • SDS
  • Product samples
  • Pricing

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