About Us: Collaboration

Working together, people can achieve extraordinary things.

Collaboration | Gantrade

Gantrade’s interdisciplinary team of business managers, customer service representatives (CSRs), technical, product and supply-chain experts, and sales/marketing personnel, seek to build a collaborative environment with our customers and suppliers through open communications, sharing knowledge and expertise, and working jointly to achieve business benefits.

Collaboration is the core element of Gantrade’s business and innovation processes. We consistently strive to build customer relationships and understand your unique requirements. We seek to create value through a combination of effective sales interfaces, responsive customer service, knowledge sharing, and expanding product portfolios and capabilities. 

Our technical laboratory for polyurethanes in Charlotte, NC exemplifies one of our efforts to leverage our technology to help solve customers’ problems, create new products or contribute to product improvements. Staffed to carry-out urethane formulating and evaluation activities, we utilize this expertise to partner with customers on specific projects. We are prepared to work closely with customers to create products meeting your specific requirements.

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