Gantrade's Diols are versatile hydroxyl-functional intermediates used in a broad range of applications and industries.


For more than 40 years, Gantrade Corporation has been a leading supplier of diols, versatile hydroxyl-functional intermediates used in a broad range of applications and industries. The variety of chemical structures in this group imparts superior performance advantages to the products in which they are added. Our global supply networks, long-term commitments and strong logistics assets assure a reliable supply of our diols group, especially within the North America and European markets that we serve. Gantrade’s product specifications are designed to deliver our diols with high quality and consistency in your applications.

The Effectiveness of Diols

A great example of the effectiveness of diols is the use of polycarbonate diols in polyurethane elastomers. The integration of these diols yields multiple superior performance attributes like low water absorption, high chemical and oil resistance, elite weatherability and UV resistance, low yellowing and high gloss retention, and excellent hydrolytic stability, just to name a few.

Gantrade maintains diol inventory at strategic locations across North America and Europe. Our robust network of ocean freighters, rail cars, road tank-trucks and barges, and supporting infrastructure enable us to be an agile and far-reaching supplier to our customers on a global scale.  

Gantrade’s diols see wide use and high demand around the world, especially in manufacturing centers like Asia, Europe, and North America, due to their reliable high performance across so many applications. 

To explore how Gantrade’s diols portfolio can address your company’s unique needs, partner with Gantrade.

Our team, armed with a wealth of technical knowledge and expertise, can guide you to the best solutions for your applications.

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