Our intermediates are important chemical building blocks that are used in a wide range of industrial and consumer products.


Intermediates, also known as reaction intermediates, play a key role in the chemical industry, affecting chemical outcomes to generate a wide variety of products. Technically speaking in the context of the chemical industry, intermediates are themselves the product of a chemical reaction, but we think of them as the initial building block for starting another reaction that will yield our final application. 

Intermediates, along with monomers and base polymers, are foundational in the production of everything from epoxy resins to protective coatings. Think of intermediates as another tool in your chemical arsenal, to help you optimize products that meet a variety of customer needs.

Our extensive line of intermediate products also function as agents and additives in manufacturing and chemical synthesis, optimizing products like polyurethanes. Gantrade’s versatile product lineup, sourced worldwide, empowers our team to help customers get superior products and processing. Our products include:

Examples of Industrial Chemical Intermediates

One example of an intermediate is adipic acid dihydrazide, which has a pair of key uses in chemical reactions. Formulators may use ADH for cross-linking of water-based emulsions, as well as a hardening agent for certain epoxy resins. The intermediate diacetone acrylamide is used for cross-linking in waterborne acrylic emulsions.

Hexamethylenetetramine, also commonly known as hexamine, is used in the production of phenolic resins and phenolic resin molding compounds, as a hardening agent. We see wide application of these resins and compounds as binders, in products ranging from nonwoven textiles to fireproofing materials, abrasive products, and automotive uses.

Our intermediate products are also used as curing agents and additives in manufacturing and chemical synthesis.

Applications & Markets where Gantrade’s Intermediates are used

At Gantrade, we use intermediates, along with their monomer and base polymer counterparts, to create a variety of applications:

At Gantrade Corporation, our team of technical consultants stands ready to assist with any applications suitable for our lineup of intermediates.

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