What regulatory or product stewardship documents will be required to source 1,4-BDO from Gantrade Corporation?

As a part of the Gantrade Corporation Product Stewardship process, certain standard customer information and control measures need to be documented prior to the sale and distribution of 1, 4-butanediol. The Gantrade serve to address the regulatory requirements and document that the product is intended for safe, industrial, commercial use and application due to the potential for hazards and abuse in the value chain. 

Why is 1,4-BDO regulated?

 1,4-butanediol is converted to gamma-hydroxybutyric acid (GHB) by two of alcohol metabolism enzymes when ingested. GHB is a central nervous system depressant denoted by the DEA (Drug Enforcement Agency) as a Schedule I controlled substance. The effects of GHB include euphoria, drowsiness, decreased anxiety, confusion and memory impairment.  Because our bodies can convert 1,4-butanediol to GHB, 1,4-butanediol is also regulated. Please see the ACC American Chemistry Council, GLB/BDO Panel Guide for Industrial Users.

In what states does Gantrade Corporation supply 1,4-BDO?

Gantrade distributes and sells BDO in all states of the USA except the State of California. Our product Stewardship group has the expertise to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements of all other States in the USA and Europe. Survey of local, state and federal regulations is recommended for all users to ensure compliance.

What are the packaging options for 1,4-BDO?

Gantrade supplies 1,4-BDO in 200 Kg. (441 lb.) factory sealed iron drums and 20 MT (44,080 lb.) bulk Heated ISO tanks. The minimum order size is one drum. Sample sizes are 1 Kg. and 20 Kg. containers.

What is Gantrade's value proposition for 1,4-BDO?

Gantrade’s partner for BDO is Dairen Chemical Corporation (DCC). DCC is the largest global producer of 1,4-BDO with five individual production facilities. DCC is back integrated to propylene as the feedstock. Gantrade maintains strong drum inventories of BDO in the USA and Europe at multiple warehouse locations. We offer value in pricing, delivery, service, including technical service, and knowledge sharing. Our BDO is a urethane grade.

What are the attributes of Gantrade's 1,4-BDO?

Gantrade’s grade of 1,4-BDO is designed for urethane applications. It has a purity specification of >99.85 % and a moisture content of <150 ppm with a target below 100 ppm of water.

What is the shelf life of 1,4-BDO?

The shelf life of 1,4-BDO is 2 years if stored in the unopened, original containers and kept at ~ 20ºC. BDO is hygroscopic. When opened to the atmosphere, BDO will absorb moisture.

What are the handling requirements for 1,4-BDO?

Gantrade Corporation encourages its customers to have a comprehensive understanding of the health, safety, environmental and regulatory information on its products before handling and disposal. Training on the proper handling, storage and inventory requirements is encouraged. To obtain a Safety Data Sheet (SDS) and other handling or product related information, please contact us using the contact form on www.gantrade.com/bdo or call us at 201-573-1955. Always prevent electrostatic discharge and ensure adequate ventilation in the work and storage areas.