Oil Field Chemicals

Gantrade has developed a portfolio of chemicals and polymers for use in oil field fluids and operations.
Oil Field Chemicals


Gantrade has developed a portfolio of performance chemicals and polymers, along with our related technical know-how, for use in oil field fluids and operations

Gantrade provides a product portfolio of enhanced chemical solutions designed to address specialized requirements in oil and gas drilling, fracturing/refracturing, stimulation, cementing and production operations.  We bring scientific expertise to generating solutions that meet challenging oil field requirements. Gantrade sources a wide range of performance chemical and polymer products globally for use throughout the oil and gas value chain.

Our technical team can recommend unique products and technologies to achieve greater levels of performance.  Gantrade is continually adding to our range of oil field chemicals, intermediates, and polymers to help provide the right chemical solutions for enhancement of efficiency and productivity.

Gantrade uses know-how from related applications in order to deliver effective products and formulating information with competitive cost structures.

One example of this dynamic is the application of our water-soluble products, which play an important role in the prevention of penetration and fluid loss in oil field applications used under a variety of extreme formation conditions. Our polyvinyl alcohol (PVOH) and vinyl acetate copolymers (VAEs) have been used successfully for many years to prevent fluid loss in oil field cementing and gas migration control.  PVOH even offers lower costs and greater cement compatibility than other fluid loss additives. 

Our products are used in systems for drilling and completing oil and gas wells, and related operations.

To explore how Gantrade’s oil field chemicals portfolio can address your company’s unique needs - partner with us.

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